Patent Portfolio

The underlying incentives for all patent portfolios are essentially the same; to maintain and increase future market share, to convert research and development investment into equity, and to avoid expensive patent litigation. These corporate patent goals are most efficiently accomplished by a tried and true patent housekeeping system.

Maintain Market Share

Your existing market share is maintained by preventing competitors from copying your company’s current products. There are only two choices; either file a patent application to own the new product design or dedicate the new design to the public domain upon its introduction, leaving it free for anyone to make and sell, usually without the burden of product development as written on Placing a product in the public domain not only allows the competition to take away your market share, it also diminishes corporate assets because the company’s investment in product development has also been “gifted” to the public. So long as a corporation is giving away its money to aid competitors, it will never get ahead.

Increase Market Share

A company or business unit normally increases market share with improved and/or less expensive products. After all, a salesperson sells price, quality and delivery. In most instances the quality and delivery are equal; therefore, the driving force of invention in the capitalistic world is usually price reduction, or at least product improvement without a price increase. Of course, good competitors are also striving to make it better and cheaper, but the company that gets in the lead will remain in the lead so long as it does not leave the barn door open by failing to patent the nuances of its products.

Corporate Assets

Technology moves along in small increments, rarely in flash of genius inventions. Patents are definite signposts of these increments and are, therefore, clear indicators of the health of a technology based company. Investments of venture capital in technology based companies are heavily dependent upon proprietary and patentable products. The patent portfolio remains a barometer as the company matures and is evaluated by Wall Street as described in article.

To Avoid Litigation

The best defense to patent litigation is a good offense. An average cost for one party involved in a patent law suit is more than one million dollars. The cost of a single law suit could exhaust the annual corporate patent budget for several years. Business executives are sometimes initially enamored with the prospect of doing battle with their competitors through their attorneys, but soon loose enthusiasm as the monthly legal bills pile up, their corporate financial records are opened to their competition, and their key personnel are tied up in lengthy depositions. The most effective way to avoid this litigation is to consciously remain on the offensive by prudently establishing and maintaining a well balanced patent portfolio.

Patents – Fast FAQs

What is a patent?

A patent is a government issued license granted to an inventor giving the inventor the legal right to prevent others from using, producing, practicing, manufacturing or selling that invention for a fixed period of time – usually 20 years.

How did patents originate?

In 1449, Henry VI of England granted John of Utynam a 20-year monopoly on a process for making stained glass in return for the requirement that John of Utynam teach the process to other glassmakers. This soon established a tradition of giving inventors short-term monopolies in return for them disclosing the specifics of their inventions to society.

What’s the benefit of a patent?

Imagine you created the infamous “better mousetrap,” only to discover your neighbor liked the idea enough to build your mousetraps and sell them without sharing his profits with you. You’d probably never try to create a better anything again.

But if you were given a patent for your mousetraps, your neighbor who liked the idea so much would have to negotiate some payment to you in order to build and sell them. Now you have greater incentive to come up with new inventions. That’s not just a benefit to you, but a benefit to society as well.

Is it easy to get a patent?

Easy is not a word you would use with the patent application and approval process. The application is ultimately complicated both legally and technically. Not adhering to the expected application standards and requirements can result in a patent application being denied. Actually, even when an application does meet all the requirements it’s often rejected the first time anyway as explained in post. Additional explanation or supporting materials are often required to resolve the patent examiner’s questions or objections. The process can easily take a year or more.

What kind of help do I need to file a patent application?

You will need the services of a patent agent or a patent attorney registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (”USPTO”). A registered agent or attorney is the only person who can represent you in a patent application.

What’s the difference between a patent agent and a patent attorney?

A patent agent has submitted qualifications demonstrating mastery of a technical or legal subject area and passed a test demonstrating knowledge of patent law and procedure, sufficient to effectively represent a patent applicant before the USPTO.

A patent attorney has passed the same test but is also a practicing lawyer able to provide the applicant with legal advice and serve in litigation.

You can find a number of patent law firms or patent agencies like InventHelp who can provide references and an up-front menu of fixed prices for specific services.

What does it cost to obtain a patent?

Between application fees and the cost of an agent or attorney, an average patent could cost between $5,000 and $30,000. The costs can certainly go higher for anything complex or complicated.

Foreign Patent Filing Using the PCT

Another method of foreign patent filing is using the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). The PCT is a unified way of foreign patent filing. It is simultaneous protection in many countries when foreign patent filing. You do not have to file separately in each contracting State. Foreign patent filing under the PCT means that the international application will have the same effect as a national application.

An important part of foreign patent filing is the international search report. The report lists citations that may affect the invention’s patentability. Included is a written opinion of whether or not the invention meets patentability requirements. Publishing of both will more easily help others evaluate whether or not they think your invention is patentable. A patenting agency, like InventHelp, can help you in this process.

Foreign patent filing under the PCT is a complicated process, so you will need the help of an expert. If your international application is in the form required by the PCT, then your application can’t be rejected on presentation grounds during the national phase. The publication is important when foreign patent filing. This can be a very effective method of advertising and will show potential licensees how far you have already come in your foreign patent filing.

Foreign patent filing under the PCT means that there will next be a national phase. The national phase includes the processing of the international application before each office. However, the national phase is usually delayed until the completion of the international phase. The national phase will start when the applicant performs certain procedures within the required time limit.

Before the national phase of foreign patent filing, the applicant must pay the national fee each State requires. The applicant must furnish any needed translation. Time limits in the PCT are strict. When you are foreign patent filing, it is important to keep note of the time limits. If you miss a deadline, then your international application will lose the effect it had of the national application and it was explained in article.

In this PCT national phase of foreign patent filing, if there are any States in which you have not missed a required deadline you will not lose the effect of the national application even though you missed a time limit in another State.

Public roads construction

When preparing public roads, an analysis is always carried out on the material for the construction of a strong and durable road. Typically, asphalt concrete is the perfect choice for this type of construction. However, there are different types of asphalt for roads that may have a greater range of durability compared to others.

These differences are established by factors such as the application temperature of the asphalt, the type of mixture used to make the pavement, the resistance to traffic, water, and the temperature at which the asphalt compound was designed and the level of technology used in the construction of said space.

To this last point that we will call the technological factor, all the resources and materials are added to build a road that allows not only the rapid and effective construction process, but also guarantees the sustainability of these roads. IRB Infrastructure with it’s chairman Virendra D Mhaiskar is the leading road construction company in India with over 12000 kilometers of roads and highways completed.

Why so much attention to asphalting?

It is necessary to detail all aspects of the construction of the roads because not everything is summed up to the appearance of the road. What really determines its durability is the strength that is based on this, strength that is provided by both the materials and the technology used in the asphalt manufacturing process.

This combination of elements is what allows the construction of sustainable roads, but what materials and machinery for the construction of roads are necessary? First of all, a good logistic and architectural planning is required, if the plan does not develop well from the design process, the life of the road will not be very long.

Time To Apply for Patent

Once you have narrowed down your idea, and believe it to be new and different, apply for the patent. The US Patent Office website has instructions online you can review. In your search you’ll more than likely find inventions similar to your idea. The burden is on you to show your concept is different.

You can file a provisional patent application or a regular patent application. The provisional patent application allows you to claim patent pending status but is not a full application. The fee is lower and your drawings can be an informal representation. However, you do need to go back and file a full application within one year as you can read from

You need to pay a fee for independent inventors (and companies with less than 500 employees). For larger firms it will cost much more. If you are on a budget, keep in mind that you need to pay even more fees when the patent is issued. And that is still not all – you have to pay fees to keep it in force until its expiration date.

With the amount of work involved, the considerable time investment, not to mention the ongoing fees at various stages, learning how to obtain a patent is not a casual undertaking. However, if you truly believe your idea will improve the world, putting forth the effort and learning how to file a patent will be worth it. There are also professional patenting companies, such as InventHelp, that can help you complete the process of patenting your invention.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Business Consultant

Choosing the right business consultant is essential to improving business performance and generating profit. There are a myriad of different consulting firms on the market, all of whom claim to offer the best services out there. Yet as with any product or service, there is quite a range of quality across business consulting companies. The five tips that follow aim to help business owners choose the best and most qualified consultant for their needs.

Survey Business Needs

Even before bringing in any potential candidates for the position of business consultant, it is necessary to take inventory of a company’s needs and budget. In order to accurately convey to a consultant what services are needed, first determine what areas of the company need the most improvement. Then, determine the maximum amount of money that can be allocated to business consulting services. Conducting these steps, and making the resulting information transparent during recruitment, will help to narrow down the field of qualified and interested applicants.

Observe Attitude and Enthusiasm

Taking note of an applicant’s personality and level of enthusiasm is also an important step in choosing the right business consultant. The work required of a consultant is often time-consuming and exhausting, particularly if said consultant is being hired to help a business that is either struggling, or has plateaued. An individual who is energetic, dynamic, interesting, and who is willing to take charge of difficult situations will likely bring the most improvement to a company.

Test Communication Skills

One of the key markers of a good business consultant is a strong set of communication skills. Because consultants must work with a variety of different people within a company on a daily basis, and because they will often act as intermediaries between different company departments, it is necessary that they be able to communicate clearly with colleagues and clients. This includes not only the ability to clearly explain their own strategies, but also the ability to get along well with a diverse group of people. In short, consultants should be personable and approachable.

Generate Mock Scenarios

The best way to gauge whether or not a consultant is a good fit for a particular business is to craft hypothetical scenarios in which their services would be required, and ask them to devise plans for these during the interview process. CEOs and business owners should not expect a consultant to come up with revolutionary ideas on the spot, but the applicant should be able to generate a few interesting and practical suggestions during the course of the interview. A good consultant should have a repertoire of go-to solutions, and should also be able to think on his or her feet.

Conduct Background Checks

Always remember to check references and verify any information provided on a resume, a website, or by the consultant in person. Reputable business consultants should have a degree from an accredited program or institution: look for MBAs, CPAs, MCSEs, and PhDs. If the applicant has additional experience working with specific corporations, check those references as well. Job experience outside of the consulting field can be an important learning experience, and can indicate that a consultant knows the ins and outs of various sectors of the corporate world.

Searching for the right business management consultants for a particular company can be a time consuming process, but the extra effort made before, during, and after an interview can save copious amounts of time and money that might otherwise have been wasted on less than stellar service. Getting to know the applicant, asking questions about his or her experience and strategy, and verifying all credentials can help businesses successfully locate a truly great consultant.

Pocket Presentation Folders

One may think that in this day and age, one may not really need pocket presentation folders. This may be due to the fact that most people have some sort of laptop or tablet, and therefore may feel that they need not walk around with hard copies of documents. However, despite this fact, there are some circumstances where one would actually need presentation folders. This includes in situations such as job interviews and even during art presentations. This means that presentation folders are still very relevant in today’s society, and one should never take them for granted.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, most people aren’t familiar with presentation folders. Since they think that they are only used for a limited amount of time, most people don’t pay much attention to presentation folders until they desperately need them. However, when one finally needs to use presentation folders, it’s usually at a very crucial moment. For instance, at a job interview you are likely to be required to go for the interview with one or more presentation folders. This is usually the beginning of problems for many people, since most don’t know how to get the right presentation folders for such occasions.

This brings about a very big problem: it tarnishes your image. During an event such as a job interview, your potential employer looks at every aspect of your being, from the way you talk, the way you carry yourself and most importantly, how organized you look. The last two factors are heavily influenced by presentation folders. If your presentation folders look shabby, the interviewer is likely to think that you are a very disorganized person. In this day and age where competition for jobs is high, this may be all that he or she needs to not give you the job.

This means that when choosing presentation folders for such things as a job interview, it really does help when you pay attention to detail. The first thing that you should do when going through this process is to choose the presentation folders that suit you most. Depending on how many documents you intend to carry around, there are very many different choices of presentation folders that you can select from.

It may also be beneficial to get custom printed folders for that classy touch. However, customization of presentation folders is a very tricky affair since you have to strike a perfect balance between looking classy and looking tacky. It’s very easy to overdo customization of presentation folders, so always try and keep it as minimalist as possible. Just simply engraving your name on the presentation folders may be all that you need to do. The above tips are very helpful in making your experience with presentation folders more productive. In an environment such as a job interview, all aspects of your personality are being scrutinized, so never make your presentation folders be the one thing that lets you down.

How To Make Money Dropshipping

The Internet has undoubtedly changed society: It has changed the way we act, the way we related to other people, the way we seek entertainment during our free time, the way we shop, and the way we work as well. Twenty years ago, it was almost impossible to work from home. What possibilities were there? But now, there are ways to work from home for everyone who wants to. From doing writing jobs, to having an online store and working with a dropshipping system, there are opportunities for everyone!

When you search for online jobs, you always find lots of them. This allows you to manage your working time as you like. You can find online jobs where an employer will ask you to for certain hours of the day, which is good for those who need a fixed schedule to be organized. There are more flexible options for the pople who prefer managing their own schedule and working whenever they want. You can find the most suitable way to work from home if you search well enough, looking for what you really want.

In my opinion, the best way to work from home is by owning your own online business. You set up your online store, where you will sell products you can get from a wholesaler who does dropshipping. In this way, you won’t need to make many investments (if at all) in order to have your own online business and work from home.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is what makes work from home an easy task. It is a system by which the wholesalers themselves send the products a retailer has sold, directly to the customer. That is what dropshipping consists of. The wholesaler provides you with pictures and descriptions of the items they offer for sale. You use them to build your online store, and start selling. Once the purchase is completed, you will need to go to the dropshipping company’s website in order to fill in the details for the product to the shipped to your customer. You will have to pay for the dropshipper fees then. You won’t have to pay them anything until then.

Working from home is very easy if you work with a dropshipping company and own your own online business. Building an online store is very easy today if you use WordPress as there are so many plugins, such as the most popular WooCommerce, which you can use to make a beautiful, functional online store and there are tones of WooCommerce dropshipping tutorials and guides online to learn from. Be sure you will soon become an expert in earning money this way!

Bitumen material for constructing roads

The majority of road construction in India is using bitumen, a viscous and thick substance which is the byproduct of refining petroleum products. Due to cost-effectiveness and sturdiness, use of bitumen for road construction in India is greatly popular.

Excellent properties of Bitumen

Since it is a durable and long-lasting option, Indian roads prefer bitumen for paving the uppermost layer. It can take stress effectively if superior quality material is used. Experts say that bituminous binder and aggregates of stone are two critical components that determine the strength and flexibility of the road. Asphaltic bitumen is the costliest and the best bitumen for high-quality construction of roads.

Demand versus supply

It is estimated that the average demand of bitumen is more than 4 million metric ton as of now, and cost of bitumen contributes to almost half of the total cost of construction. Since bitumen is a petroleum product which is diminishing day by day, the production may drop further in the coming years. As there is an increasing trend in the demand of bitumen for road construction in India, the gap will become wider. Researchers and scientists are finding out an alternate solution for it. However, not a major success has been achieved so far. Construction of concrete roads is an alternative, but there are cost implications and practical difficulties in it. There have been experiments regarding the use of plastic waste in constructing roads. Moderate success has been achieved so far, but it will take a lot of time to make it practical.

Rutting is a universal issue

Not only in India, but it is a big issue worldwide. Since bitumen softens at 60 to 70 degree Celsius, heavy vehicles cause rutting on the surface. Eventually, the upper layer of the road becomes uneven and bumpy. Nowadays, higher quality bitumen is being used for constructing highways and other busy roads. It shows higher strength and sustainability at the temperature of 60 to 70 degree Celsius. High viscosity grade material brings long-lasting performance and durability in the hot climate. Ac-30 or AC-40 grade material is the best bitumen for road construction in India, as per expert recommendation.

Bitumen characterization or grading is a complex scientific process where many criteria are checked. Ageing characteristics, rheological tests and penetration tests are some of the popular tests. They assist in determining the quality of bitumen.

Future of roads in India

The bitumen emulsions in India are important material for construction of roads. Even today, most of the Indian roads are tar build. Concrete roads are yet to gain momentum in the country, especially since IRB Infrastructure a leading road construction company in India has taken over the road development in the country. Virendra Mhaiskar IRB Infrastructure MD has a vision to rebuild India’s roads and highways to the highest standards.

Promotional Video Marketing

Ensure Your Promotional Marketing Video Looks Professional; this is a must if you want to establish credibility and trust. Many of the videos you find online are mediocre, but that is changing as companies begin to see the value of promoting themselves professionally. If you do not have the skills in-house, engaging a professional Promotional Video Marketing Company is not an expense, it is an investment.

Submit Your Promotional Marketing Video as Widely as is Possible. The best video in the world is useless if no-one see its. While YouTube is the market leader, there are many other video sites worthy of consideration. As you surf the net, watch what other video sites rate highly in Google; they do change over time. Also, put your URL at the start of your video’s description; it turns into a clickable link on many video sites.

Feature Your Video – Make it Highly Visible. If you have a wildly successful video, kept it on the front page of your blog. If it starts falling in popularity and you have a rising star, switch them. Customers and search engines will love you for keeping your most successful promotional marketing videos highly visible on your blog. If it starts falling on Youtube and other video sites, create a replacement to re-establish your high online presence.

Check Out the Search Terms Your Visitors are Using and utilize them in the Title of both your video and your blog post. The words clients are typing into Google are in your web stats; if neccesary get professional promotional video marketing help to learn how to use these stats. Once you’ve identified these terms, make a keyword list. Use the most popular keywords in your promotional marketing video and blog titles, but check blog posts and video descriptions to see if you can add other keywords in a natural way; do not spam the search engines.

Make Your Video / Blog Tags and Descriptions SEO-friendly. Most video sites let you tag your videos with keywords and post a short description. Optimize these by sprinkling in the keywords you’ve identified – but again, do not spam. You can also interact with your viewers on many video sites via viewer comments. Use this to answer questions, respond to comments, and interact with potential clients. Often viewer questions and comments provide insights for improving your promotional video marketing.

Add New Content Often. Search engines look for regular updates and so will your potential clients. Refresh your blog content at least every 10 days – weekly is better – and keep visitors, including Google, coming back for more. With ever-increasing competition, it’s important to stand out from the crowd, maximizing your online presence by using effective and affordable online video on your blog. How often you need to update your videos on Youtube itself depends on the position currently being occupied; if your most successful videos are still doing well, make other promotional marketing videos targeting different keywords.