Forex Broker Bonus And Its Importance

Thousands of investors are attracted on a daily basis by forex brokers who promise handsome bonuses for joining their website and being a member in their team of trading. There are different types of bonuses at your disposal and before you accept one you need to know about the vast selection of offers and promotions that you can avail of as there are many brokers with intense competition out there.

The reason why forex brokers would actually offer bonuses is the desire to attract new traders and reward the prevailing ones. These forex brokers actually give cash bonuses so as to allure you to start trading with real actual money and become a regular trader as fast as possible thus bringing with you the possibility for commission.

It is in fact no different from a marketing strategy which gives free money simply to entice towards their websites and play the real game of trading.

You may come across the following terms and conditions while considering a bonus:

  • You have to compulsorily buy or sell at least 10 mini lots in real-money account for every $25 bonus granted by your forex broker before you can withdraw the bonus.
  • You cannot withdraw the bonus until it is cashed in. It will remain in your account balance for a considerable period of time.
  • You are prohibited to abuse bonus offers. Bonuses are given per account, person, household and/or any environment where computers are shared.

The above mentioned are just the general terms and conditions. However, every broker has different requirements. So you need to check properly what they are and whether you are in a position to fulfill them.

There are many types of bonuses at your disposal. One is called a “Welcome Bonus” which is granted to you as soon as you make an initial deposit with a chosen broker.

Further still, to continue enticing you, brokers will reward you with the “Loyalty Bonuses”. In the form of free cash bonus monthly or sometimes may be contacting the online support and directly asking for a bonus.

With the rise in competition between various forex brokers, you can expect more bonuses and promotions offers every now and then.

Another type of forex bonus is the – “No Deposit Bonus”- the smallest of all the bonuses. You need to only sign up for a real player account at the broker who offers this type of bonus and you collect the free cash. No deposit at all. One constraint of this award is “Non Deposit Bonus” or a requirement for a maximum amount you can withdraw using this bonus.

Most brokers offering an instant trading bonus can do so because they are very sure that the new client trader will be able to trade successfully using their services and, in the long run, can prove to be a source of consistent profit via commissions. Thus there is little or no risk factor involved.

If you are looking for the best Asian Forex Broker with the best bonuses, Juno Market is the leading Forex broker and they are giving a 100% bonus on your deposit, much more then the other brokers do. You can learn more about the company and the bonuses they offer from the Juno market review online and you will know if they are the right Forex trading company for your trading.

This in a way is a win win situation for both as the trader gets a bonus for simply signing up and the broker gets a client who will avail his services and therefore be a constant source of commission for him.

Whatever the case, when you visit a forex broker and get interested in the bonus offers, always make sure you read the conditions of the bonus. If something happens later on you might find yourself in a fix.

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