Where to find food, protection and help with any number of needed services. There are however organizations dedicated to helping those in need plus they play an essential part in the life of people who need assistance. In the Quad Cities which includes Moline as well as Rock Island on the Illinois side, Davenport as well as Bettendorf on the Iowa side you’ll find the various organization dedicated to helping those in demand. The Humility of Mary Shelter is just a social activity ministry created by the Congregation of the Humility of Maryghkgjjpg situated in Davenport, Iowa. It serves the greater Quad Cities region as well as surrounding townships.

The Humility of Mary Shelter helps homeless and fighting families to remain together by providing support in the way of canned food, clothing contributions as well as supplying housing, academic support and social services until households are able to be self-sufficient. In 1969 religious renewal swept throughout the Catholic Church after the Council Vatican Council, as well as the Sisters of Humility, were among the very first communities to embrace a policy of self-determination. What can have seemed radical at that time had been consistent with the community’s founding doctrine that members would earn their very own living as well as go wherever they saw a demand.

Today, each Sister of Humility is just free to determine for herself which ministry she feels called to is best experienced and competent for based on her training as well as experience. This self-determination has allowed the ministries of the Sisters of Humility to bloom like these visionary women are now able to utilize their individual talents and presents in the service of God. Today you will find CHM’s in a wide range of professions and positions which include library services, counseling, homeless services, medical attention, education and multi-cultural ministries. Sisters are leaders, administrators, managers and administration. In Sept of 2008 the John Lewis Shelter in Davenport, IA had been faced with having to close its doors to the several desolate it was housing due to some bad business decisions which had left the business badly in debt.

The concern was that the many individuals living in the shelter will be left out in the cold particularly with the winter months approaching. The protection was weeks far from shutting its doors forever. Many neighborhood businesses saw the need for this protection and the help it was supplying and came forward to help with the Sisters of humility taken over management of the shelter. This vacation, please remember these less fortunate and help you anyhow you can in helping shelters with canned goods, clothing, financial contributions or volunteering time to help.

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