A person with developmental, mental disabilities should not be ill-treated and instead, must be given much care and affection. It is a chronic condition that occurs due to either physical or mental impairments. Developmental disabilities make an individual to live with several difficulties in specific areas of life. An individual with developmental difficulties cannot move on their own and need help, thus deprived of living independently. Developmental disabilities can be detected early in a child and continue throughout an individual’s lifetime. So if there is any member of a family suffering from this developmental disabilities, make sure to treat the person with care and shower as much love and affection you can on the particular person.

Types Of Disabilities

There are several developmental disabilities and can make an individual immobile entire life.

  • Fragile X syndrome: It causes autism and intellectual disability and is usually notice among boys.
  • Down Syndrome: Normal people are born with two copies of the chromosome. But in this condition, an individual will have an extra copy of a chromosome that has an adverse effect on the development of the body as well as on the brain.
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: This usually occurs if any mother drank alcohol while pregnant.
  • Cerebral palsy: It is a most common motor disability during childhood and prevents a person from moving and maintaining balance.


What Causes The Disease?

It has been found that there are several reasons for developmental disabilities and for most cases the reason is unknown. The genetic factor is responsible for the developmental disabilities in an individual. Factors that cause developmental disabilities are as follows:

  • Injury to the brain before or after the birth of a child.
  • Babies born long before the expected date of delivery.
  • Poor diet and intake of improper nutrition.
  • Consuming alcohol as well as smoking during pregnancy.
  • Misuse of drugs that is taking medicines without consulting a doctor during pregnancy.

Support From The Family Members

Family members play a key role in giving a normal life to an individual with developmental disabilities. It is of utmost importance that family members must give full support to the person with developmental disabilities. A full 24 hours support from one particular member of the family is highly required. The person must get full assistance from that particular member of the family in doing household tasks, as well as must get help for taking a shower and should be administered by that member while taking medicine and food.

Other Support

Apart from the support from the family, there are other things that the parents of a child with developmental disabilities can do. If you find your near and dear ones affected with such disease, you can recommend to the guardian of that particular individual to take the person for a speech therapy and music therapy. Taking a person with the developmental disorder for a holiday can work like magic, and you can spot the difference in the behavior of the affected person. So you must not keep the person with developmental issue alienated from the society and support them as much as you can to help them to overcome their difficulties.