iPhone Basics

There is nothing worse than getting a great new toy like an iPhone and then not knowing how to use it. It may be certain business functions like calendars and data sharing or it may be entertainment oriented. Either way you may need some iPhone lessons to get the most out of your new iPhone.

No matter what model you own, there are a few basic necessities that you should have on hand. These are accessories that are generally included in the purchase of a brand new phone as well as a few things that you can purchase separately for comfort or personal need. Basic iPhone lessons should mention that your phone will include a battery and charger. The battery is usually packaged separately and is inserted into the phone with a cover. This charger usually includes a USB cable and power adapter so you can get power to the device. A port built into the iPhone is used for charging so the battery never has to be removed to recharge it.

Have you ever thought someone is talking to you because they were wearing ear pods and talking on a phone and sort of looking at you. Now is your chance to get back by purchasing your own set of ear pods for your iPhone. They are actually a great way to stay hands free while using your iPhone. Don’t forget to store your owners manual somewhere convenient so you can refer to it when necessary.

Another common iPhone add on is a protective covering. While they try to make these phones more and more indestructible we still like to protect our investments with a nice protective cover. It’s important to make sure your cover matches the specific model iPhone because the ports and buttons can be in different places. Try to keep your screen clean which is challenging because it is a touch screen. But make sure you keep your phone dry. Cell phones of any type and moisture do not get along. There is a lot of circuitry inside these devices so keep your iPhone dry at all costs as you can see from Gossipfunda – where you can find many more useful tips about iPhone, Android or anything from the tech industry.

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