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Christian dating is all about showing your respect for others and for yourself. As you start to date, remember that your general appearance really does play a role in what others think of you. It also plays a role in what people expect from you. Today, young adults are not always wearing clothing that covers them up but that does not mean you have to wear clothing that is too revealing. Finding the right balance is an important part of dating in a respectful manner. Do not overlook this aspect of Christian dating!

Christian Dating Advice On Clothing

Since it is often an important topic, start by talking about the clothing you are wearing.

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and not tight.
  • Avoid clothing that offers a deep neckline that exposes cleavage. This is not the impression you want to give and it definitely will cause temptation for both of you that is unwanted.
  • Avoid wearing anything that exposes the thighs.
  • Avoid wearing clothing with inappropriate messages especially in areas of the body that are not to be noticed.

Both men and women can find clothing that is appropriate to wear to any occasion. Dress up for more formal evenings out, but keep it fun and relaxing for casual events.

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