Public roads construction

When preparing public roads, an analysis is always carried out on the material for the construction of a strong and durable road. Typically, asphalt concrete is the perfect choice for this type of construction. However, there are different types of asphalt for roads that may have a greater range of durability compared to others.

These differences are established by factors such as the application temperature of the asphalt, the type of mixture used to make the pavement, the resistance to traffic, water, and the temperature at which the asphalt compound was designed and the level of technology used in the construction of said space.

To this last point that we will call the technological factor, all the resources and materials are added to build a road that allows not only the rapid and effective construction process, but also guarantees the sustainability of these roads. IRB Infrastructure with it’s chairman¬†Virendra D Mhaiskar is the leading road construction company in India with over 12000 kilometers of roads and highways completed.

Why so much attention to asphalting?

It is necessary to detail all aspects of the construction of the roads because not everything is summed up to the appearance of the road. What really determines its durability is the strength that is based on this, strength that is provided by both the materials and the technology used in the asphalt manufacturing process.

This combination of elements is what allows the construction of sustainable roads, but what materials and machinery for the construction of roads are necessary? First of all, a good logistic and architectural planning is required, if the plan does not develop well from the design process, the life of the road will not be very long.

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