Techniques for Healthy Green Grass

A great lawn care tip that can make a difference to the quality of your lawn is to use a bagless mulching lawn mower when you cut the grass. A mulching mower recuts the grass into smaller clippings and as these grass clippings decay, they provide important nutrients for your lawn. Grass clippings should not be raked up or bagged unless the grass was extremely long and the grass clippings come out of the mower in heavy, wet clumps.

Water is the single most important ingredient for the sustenance of life, including lawns. Food, of course, would come next in line. For proper lawn care, you should also plan to provide that food in the form of fertilize for your lawn. The best time to start feeding your lawn is in the spring. You can use your hands but the easiest and most effective way to spread fertilizer is with a wheeled spreader. Fill the spreader with a granular fertilizer that is specifically designed for use on lawns. Spread the fertilizer back and forth over the lawn with the spreader until you have covered the entire area. If you are concerned about environmental problems from fertilizer runoff, you may want to look for organic fertilizer. For more information on organic fertilizers ask professional lawn care providers.

This tip is about the largest lawn care problem faced by most homeowners. The dreaded dandelion! This weed spreads fast if you don’t keep up with it and can do extensive damage to your lawn if it isn’t controlled immediately. Some people prefer to hand dig dandelions and other weeds, while others use a broad leaf herbicide or other weed killer to control weed growth. If you do use a chemical treatment to kill weeds, be sure you keep your children and pets off the lawn for several days after treatment.

By watering and fertilizing your lawn properly, the root system will grow deeper into the ground. This will help to expand its root system underground and prevent other root systems from weeds to take a foothold in your lawn because there is no room. If the root system underneath is thick, then the grass blades on top will also be thick, preventing any weeds from invasion.

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