Unsecured Personal Loans

The types of personal loans that are characterized by the absence of a collateral are called unsecured personal loans. Unlike its counterpart, which are secured personal loans lenders, the Singapore lenders of unsecured personal loans do not require the debtors to pledge their assets to secure the loan. Because they are personal types of loans, unsecured personal loans are usually intended for debt consolidation, wedding expenses, home renovations, tuition fees, car purchase, and travel fares.

Great Features of Unsecured Personal Loans

The application process for unsecured personal loans are typically faster than that of secured personal loans because there are no collateral involved. The decisions of the lenders regarding the status of applications are based only on the applicant’s financial capability, employment history, and credit rating. Lenders usually prefer those applicants with good credit ratings and stable sources of income.

Risks Involved in Unsecured Personal Loans

Like in secured personal loans, the risks involved in unsecured personal loans are subjective to the position of the debtors and the lenders. For the part of the debtors, unsecured personal loans do not involve that much risks since there were no pledging of assets. The debtors are saved from the stress and the pressure of probably losing their assets due to a default. For the lender, however, these types of loans are considered to be more risky as compared to secured personal loans because there are no assets involved. Since they don’t have much security, the lenders tend to be more cautious when it comes to approving applications for unsecured personal loans.

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