What is divorce and/or family mediation?

Divorce and family mediation is a neutral process whereby individuals are assisted by a mediator or a team of co-mediators to negotiate an amicable and voluntary resolution of their separation or divorce or, following a separation/divorce, any post-judgment family issue(s) that might arise between the parties. This process allows individuals/couples to address preliminary or ongoing issues such as: deciding on or altering a custody arrangement and/or a parenting time plan/schedule for the party’s children; equitably distributing the party’s marital property, including the allocation of their debt; determining or altering the financial arrangement with regard to spousal support, child support, and/or any additional costs or issues that may be associated with the children or the divorce, etc.

Why choose divorce and/or family mediation?

Mediation is the preferred method for individuals who want to conserve financial resources while at the same time are willing to work with their ex-spouse or ex-partner to amicably reach an agreement regarding all aspects of a separation or divorce, and Miams mediation is one of the most reputable mediators in the UK, so you can rely on their professional help. Additionally, litigated divorces are extremely expensive, cause significant stress and anxiety for families and for the children in particular, and may take a year or longer to resolve through the Court. Often, the matter is decided by a third-party (a judge) who may not have complete knowledge of the parties’ interests and/or concerns, and the result is often difficult for one or both of the parties to accept. Unlike litigation, mediation results in a voluntary agreement that is acceptable to both parties. It is believed that when an individual actively participates in and has a clear voice in the divorce process, that they will believe that the ultimate agreement reached is more fair and best suited to their particular family’s needs.

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