Know How To Draft A Quality Application

With your invention in hand, you may be ready to walk down to the US Patent Office and file the necessary paperwork to get your invention patented and protected. While growing up you may have heard that this was quite commonly the practice, it actually takes much more work and a lot of money to make it happen.

One of the key aspects of filing a patent is to have it done correctly so that your patent goes through and provides you with the level of protection that you require. The good news is that the process does not have to be difficult if you have the right people helping you through the process as was described in

The question that you have to ask is this: is the drafting of the patent application done well enough to insure that my patent goes through. In some situations, small errors can be a long term problem you face. A good patent attorney is someone that will insure that this does not happen and you should have taken the time to insure that the attorney is in fact the best available to you.

One area to consider is the inventions patent application drafting in terms to patent searches. A patent search will go through and locate any potential inventions that are too similar to your own in which you may be violating patent law. It determines just how much patentability your product has. The patent attorney or patent service that you hire to handle it does this (usually) as written in article.

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Make Money on Facebook – Why it is Preferred over Google?

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Patent Registration Systems

Patent applications can be made within the two systems:

a. Examination patent system

b. Patent system without review

Patent research is a research conducted by official institutions for the invention that is the subject of a patent application. The patent applicant must request a patent search within 15 months from the date of filing the patent application. As a result of this patent research, the closest documents in the known state of the art related to the subject of the invention are determined and a patent search report is prepared as explained in post.

The patent research report sheds light on the extent to which the patent application meets the patentability criteria. As specific to US, after a patent search report, the patent applicant must examine the patent system or as patent examination system recognized the right to choose one of two systems.

After the patent research report that comes as a result of the patent research, the applicant does not request a patent examination and can choose the patent system without examination. In this case, the patent applicant is given an unexamined patent document which provides 7 years of protection. The owner of the U.S. Patent Registration Certificate can convert the patent without examination to the patented patent by requesting a patent examination before the 7-year period expires.

Patent review is an examination by official institutions for the invention that is the subject of a patent application. The patent applicant should request a patent review after the patent research report is obtained. Patent review is the comparison of the invention subject to patent application and the closest patent documents specified in the patent research report. As a result of this patent examination report, it is decided whether to issue a patent document with examination. The Examined Patent Registration Document provides the patent applicant with a 20-year period as you can read from