The First Step in Making Your Invention a Reality

Before you spend a lot of money trying to patent your invention, you should first get an expert opinion about whether your idea is patentable, or whether you would just be wasting your time and money.

The first step in the patent process is to determine whether your invention is truly new and novel. If anyone else came up with the idea before you did, you probably will not be able to get a patent. So, the first thing you need to do is called a patent search (also known as a prior art search).

This involves searching through special databases and thousands of government files to see whether anyone already has a patent on your particular invention. It is a good idea to spend a little money up front and have a professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp, do your patent search, which could save you a ton of money in the long run!

Regular Patent Search

A regular patent search is a thorough investigation of related products, patents, and patent applications. This search delves more deeply into the comparison of similar inventions to see whether a client’s invention is truly patentable.

The client will be given a full report of the completed search. The report will contain a summary of related patents/applications, how they are different or similar to the client’s invention, and a concise opinion as to the patentability of the client’s invention (i.e. should the client draft and submit a patent application).

Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent application is a way of establishing an early date for the protection of an invention. It is fairly inexpensive, and gives the inventor one year to file a regular patent application. This time may be used to conduct market research if the inventor is unsure of the economic potential of their invention. The provisional application is very similar to a regular patent application in that it clearly describes everything about an invention including how to make it, and the most appropriate ways to use it as explained on

Since each provisional application is unique, the only fair way to charge for this service is by the hour. Consequently, more complex applications will cost more because they will take longer to draft. Furthermore, the client will be responsible for all United States Patent and Trademark Office fees in addition to the hourly charge.

Patent Claim

The most important part of the patent is a “claim” because it defines the metes and bounds of intellectual property which you claim belongs to you.

If a patent was directed to a pencil, then the patent may claim a simple pencil as follows:

“A pencil comprising (1) a wood piece, (2) a lead piece within the wood piece; and (3) an eraser attached to the wood piece with a metal sleeve crimped onto the eraser and wood piece.”

With this claim, even though the pencil invention is patentable subject matter, a person who submits a patent application directed to the pencil will not receive a patent grant for such an invention. The reason is that patent law states that you may obtain a patent grant if your invention is not embodied or disclosed in a single prior art as shown in post.

In other words, you may obtain a patent if your invention is novel. Here, the above stated pencil claim is within the prior art and is not novel. In this regard, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will not grant a patent with the above given pencil claim.

Let us assume that you invent something to add to the pencil invention. In particular, let us assume that you invention a special type of glue which makes attachment of the eraser to the wood more effective and cheaper to manufacture compared to the metal sleeve.

In this regard, your pencil invention is not disclosed within the prior art and is considered to be novel in view of the prior art. Nonetheless, you may obtain a patent if your invention is non-obvious in view of the prior art.

The term non-obvious is a term of art used among patent agents and attorney and is similar to but does not mean literally non-obvious. Simply put, what you as an expert in your field of knowledge may consider to be obvious may be considered to be non-obvious in the “patent” sense.

For example, generally, reducing the size of the invention does not make the invention patentable. In other words, you may not receive a patent for the world’s smallest pencil. However, specifically, if there were some unexpected results with making the pencil that small, then you may receive a patent on the world’s smallest pencil.

For example, if by making the pencil small, you were able to attach the eraser to the wood piece through an electrostatic charge instead of through the metal sleeve or adhesive, then you may receive a patent on the world’s smallest pencil.

Bottom line, generally, if you invent something, you should seek professional advice from patenting experts, like InventHelp, to determine whether your invention is worth patenting and is likely to ultimately end in an issued patent.

What is the Best Way to File for a Patent?

The feat of inventing or discovering a new item that makes the world a better place is a monumental achievement. The majority of individuals are only able to invent one object in their lifetime, while there are others who are able to create multiple items. Regardless of the number of creations a person makes, each inventor should take the necessary steps to protect their work by file for a patent.

Legal Assistance

A patent attorney that is educated and familiar with what it takes to file for a patent is the best way to guard your invention. These legal professionals have years of experience helping inventors file for a patent so that your legal ownership rights are officially established. It is important to note that you can complete the application process yourself, but it is advisable that you hire an experienced patent attorney or patenting agency, like InventHelp, to ensure that your patent is properly completed.

An experienced attorney that is familiar with the procedures to file for a patent is crucial because they thoroughly understand intellectual property law. This knowledge and education allows them to provide you with the best legal advice possible when you are looking to file for a patent.

The Registration Process

In order to file for a patent, a skilled patent lawyer will gather the necessary information regarding your invention which includes searching the patent database. Without this data, your lawyer will not be able to properly advise and protect your item from others.

Selecting the right attorney to represent you when you are looking to file for a patent is important because your application for the patent is on the line. If you were to select a patent attorney that does not have the necessary experience, your application could be denied.

Once your application to file for a patent is completed, the attorney will submit the application and required documentation to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for review and approval. This takes an average of 2 years.

Why a Patent is Important

It is vital to file for a patent on anything that you discover or create because another party can come along and take credit for it. Large companies may discover that you are creating something unique and important and could take your idea and make millions or even billions of dollars off your invention. You would not be able to receive one cent of it if you did not file for a patent.

When you file for a patent, you are putting the world on notice that you are the genuine inventor. A patent will allow you to receive compensation and recognition for those items should they prove to be useful to the public. You will be able to exclusively manufacture and sell the patented item for 14 to 20 years, depending on the type of patent you receive as described in post.

Making the Right Decision

If you are looking to file for a patent, then you should consider speaking with a patent lawyer. They will be happy to answer all your questions and review your current situation to ensure that your invention is properly covered.

Benefits of a Rent to Own Homes

What Are Some Benefits of a Rent to Own for the Tenant Buyer?

Easy Approval and Term. To move into a rent to own home is typically much easier than the other forms of owner financing. Rent to buy deals tend to be more available as well because they are much easier to understand and structure. Most rent to owns are at least 12 months, some 24 and even some last as long as 48 months. In most cases this should be long enough for you to get whatever credit issues you have resolved.

No Obligation to Purchase. With a lease to own you have no obligation to purchase the property, remember it is an option to purchase. This can be a two way street but for many situations this will work in your benefit. Instead of just throwing rent out the window it is better to get rental credits and a locked in purchase price.

Lower Upfront Requirements On average the monthly payment and down (option) payment requirements tend to be less than other forms of owner financing. Also you don’t quite have the responsibilities of ownership until you actually to bring in your own financing.

A rent to own homes is very common in today’s real estate market. If you are looking for a new home a rent to own has many benefits. You should be aware that unless you are completely prepared you could be quite surprised when it is time to bring in your own financing. There are many gotchas found in today’s Lease Option deals.

What are the Benefits for the Owner of a Rent to Own?

Option payment is typically 1 – 3% of the purchase price. The owner retains these funds when you move in and remember these funds are non-refundable. This for most owners is a big selling point when doing a lease to buy.

Retain Taxable Benefits of the Property. There are many tax benefits to owning a rental property. Under most circumstances structuring a lease option does not change this fact and the owner retains some great tax benefits while having someone in the property who has a vested interest to continue to pay rent and pay rent on time.

Better Residents. In most cases the owner knows that someone who puts down a large sum of money and is working on purchasing the property will not only pay rent on time but take good care of the property, after all you will be the owner soon.

Often times it seems that the benefits for the seller out weigh the benefits for the tenant buyer. This isn’t really the case, but you should be aware that as a buyer of a lease option there are certain steps you have to take before and after you move to ensure you have a successful transaction.

Intellectual Property Lawyers: Make sure you hire the one that meets your needs

Intellectual Property Law covers a very broad section of legal issues. This involving contracts, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. Intellectual Property Lawyers have varying degrees of expertise which can range from being a generalist in the field to specializing in sub-specialties that can range from information technology to transactional entertainment law.

So it is important that you focus your search for a Intellectual Property Lawyers to those who advertise themselves as having expertise in the area of the legal problems or issues that you need to resolve. There are professional patenting agencies, like InventHelp, too.

Often business lawyers will have some knowledge of Intellectual Property Law so if you are in business and have a working relationship with a business lawyer you can ask him if he can advise you in the matter of Intellectual Property Law.

He may be able to analyze your legal needs and provide a plan that can resolve them. If not he may be able to provide you several names of Intellectual Property Lawyers who could help you. Ask for several names so that you can research them to see who will best serve your needs.

To hire the best possible Intellectual Property Attorney you need to use the telephone book or the internet to create a list of potential attorneys then check the background information on each attorney on that list. Check the internet to see if the lawyer has a web site or a biography listed on any of the legal sites.

Call the lawyer and ask about his area of expertise. Request a preliminary interview to determine if he has an interest in representing you to determine if you can work with him. One of the things to determine in this interview is how he explains the process to you.

If he speaks in legalize and does not explain the terms in everyday language that you can understand you probably do not want his services. Do this for each lawyer on your list before you make a determination as to which Intellectual Lawyer you use as the ability to work with your lawyer is of critical importance in a long term relationship.

Since some Intellectual Property Lawyers specialize in transaction work while others specialize in litigation it is important that you choose one who specializes in your problem area as described in If you are applying for copyright protection or registering a trademark you should consider a transaction lawyer but if you are being sued or want to sue then you should select a lawyer that specializes in Intellectual Property litigation.

Techniques for Healthy Green Grass

A great lawn care tip that can make a difference to the quality of your lawn is to use a bagless mulching lawn mower when you cut the grass. A mulching mower recuts the grass into smaller clippings and as these grass clippings decay, they provide important nutrients for your lawn. Grass clippings should not be raked up or bagged unless the grass was extremely long and the grass clippings come out of the mower in heavy, wet clumps.

Water is the single most important ingredient for the sustenance of life, including lawns. Food, of course, would come next in line. For proper lawn care, you should also plan to provide that food in the form of fertilize for your lawn. The best time to start feeding your lawn is in the spring. You can use your hands but the easiest and most effective way to spread fertilizer is with a wheeled spreader. Fill the spreader with a granular fertilizer that is specifically designed for use on lawns. Spread the fertilizer back and forth over the lawn with the spreader until you have covered the entire area. If you are concerned about environmental problems from fertilizer runoff, you may want to look for organic fertilizer. For more information on organic fertilizers ask professional lawn care providers.

This tip is about the largest lawn care problem faced by most homeowners. The dreaded dandelion! This weed spreads fast if you don’t keep up with it and can do extensive damage to your lawn if it isn’t controlled immediately. Some people prefer to hand dig dandelions and other weeds, while others use a broad leaf herbicide or other weed killer to control weed growth. If you do use a chemical treatment to kill weeds, be sure you keep your children and pets off the lawn for several days after treatment.

By watering and fertilizing your lawn properly, the root system will grow deeper into the ground. This will help to expand its root system underground and prevent other root systems from weeds to take a foothold in your lawn because there is no room. If the root system underneath is thick, then the grass blades on top will also be thick, preventing any weeds from invasion.

Ecommerce for Business

Ecommerce website has become one most essential requirement of the business entrepreneurs. This is especially true when they look forward to take their store on the web. Now, developing a fully functional ecommerce website is essential to get the most out of that effort and for that reason hiring just about any website designing company can never bring you the anticipated result. There are several components to the web design process that you must remember while hiring an ecommerce website development company. Here we will discuss about the three key aspects of ecommerce website design and establishment.

To the very first place it comes about unique designing. Your ecommerce website design must give out a unique flavor to your web users and must be anything but jarring. A simple looking interface is always adored by the website visitors and that is where the success of a website lies. You need to explore the eCommerce websites to get an idea about the smart page designs. When you look to the other stunning pages on the internet you will surely be trying to figure out how to either match or exceed their standards. This is the way how you can come up with unique ideas for your very own website. Here you must ensure that the website design company that you are hiring is proficient in the latest tools and technologies and capable of meeting your unique requirements. The techniques they use should be up to date. No matter whether the pages are designed on Flash, CSS, or other advanced technologies, they should essentially be light weight so that they don’t take much time to get loaded.

After that it comes about perfect Development of the site. Here the term Perfect stands for flawless functioning. Your ecommerce website must be error free to enable a smooth access. This is the reason why Ecommerce website design requires professional touch, to say the least. In other words it is truly essential for a web owner to ensure that the web designer he or she is hiring knows what they are doing. Ecommerce website designing is actually not a child play and your web designer should know all of the different protocols, languages and techniques. The general idea is you need an ecommerce website that meet the modern standard from every aspect.

Finally it is about successfully promoting your ecommerce website on the web. This is normally performed by the service popularly known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. SEO is a clever way through which you can pull the target traffic towards your website and can even convert that traffic into prospective client. It requires you to use perfect keywords and several other specific techniques. The basic objective of this process is to make the search engine crawlers fetch and index the web pages. Now optimizing a normal dynamic website and an ecommerce site is different and the website designer you have hired must have that knowledge and understanding to provide you with the most perfect solution.