Boat Battery Chargers

Most modern boat battery chargers use a smart charging technology or sometimes called the “accurate voltage control charging” or 3-step charging. Three step charging works by charging it first with a high current followed by a low current and a much lower current. Finding an on-board boat battery chargers or a charger that is part of the inverter-charger system that can be installed permanently to your boat is very easy. However finding a quality charger that can be used for outside the boat, for example retrievable boats or around the house or garage is more difficult.

Portable smart chargers usually have alligator clips to temporarily attach it to the battery you wish to charge. It has a built-in protective circuit that send and error code just in case you mistakenly inverted the positive and negative poles eliminating the risk of damaging both the battery and the charger. It has a built-in selector switch that allows you select with the different types of battery like AGM, wet cell battery or gel cell battery. You can also choose the temperatures like 95, 35 or 65 degrees F, because all battery charging is temperature dependent, meaning you can use it in all kinds of weather condition from freezing cold climate to tropical hot. You can also select how you want to charge it like 2 amps, 10 amps or 30 amps and it also have a digital display which shows the options you are selecting. It also has LED indicator lights so you can easily see what is going on and the status of the charger and the battery.

Most problem with flooded battery when you use it a lot, charging it back and forth after a while they need equalization, so some charger has a built-in equalization cycle on them. It can also be used as a battery booster just in case you’re having a problem starting your car. When the battery is then fully charged, it automatically goes into float or maintenance mode to avoid overcharging the battery. You can choose from different sizes like 30 amps, 15 amps, 6 amps or the smallest 2 amps maintainer. The unit has a cable compartment so you can just put the cable inside when not in use, very neat. It has a foldable handle so you can carry it anywhere.

The common problem with boat battery charger is when you purchase and install an under rated charger. Not only it will take too long to charge but sometimes it will cause malfunction. Almost all marine battery charger have built-in overcharge protection circuit, a built in timer monitors the time it takes to charge the battery. If it takes too long to charge it will automatically shut the system to protect it from over charging. Other problem is when you use a charger that is not compatible with the type of battery you are using.

Most modern chargers are compatible with different types of battery, like the Gel Cell batteries, all types of lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries but definitely not the Black and Decker Batteries for cordless tools. It has a selector switch that allows you to choose between different types of batteries, different type of batteries has its own program. When you buy a new unit it usually comes with the mounting brackets and the wire needed to connect it to the battery. They are usually only about 4 feet long, so if you want to install it away from the batteries you need to extend or replace them with a longer one. They also have short cord plug, so you need to have a long extension cord. If you want you can also wire it permanently using a marine on-board inlet.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best 3 bank marine battery charger for your boat is that it should be able to withstand any kind of weather condition. Choose one with waterproofed, shockproof corrosion and rust resistant features especially if you are going to use it in salt water environment, one that can withstand extreme ambient conditions including moisture, vibration and shock. There is also solar boat battery charger that you can purchase which is very handy in case of emergency while in the middle of your boating trip where there’s no electrical outlet available.

Why a Transmission Fluid Change?

There are so many elements that must work together in a car, and must all work in such a perfect synchronicity, that it is no wonder cars break down. In fact, it is a surprise that they do not break down more often when you think that the engine, gearbox, brakes and accelerator, and the steering must all be working together before you can even get anywhere with the vehicle. Adding any more technical elements to the process of driving will simply complicate matters, and gives you some insight into why “high performance” automobiles are so called. To get cars to do some of the amazing things that they do requires a level of engineering that, for the layman, simply does not bear thinking about.

Automatic transmissions are actually not such a common thing in Europe as they are in the US. Some say that it has to do with how much more twisting the European roads to, and that in America, with a lot of longer, straighter roads, a vehicle should be enjoyed simply for what it is best at, pointing it at the horizon and putting your foot down. But even this would be impossible without automatic transmission fluid to keep the gears shifting smoothly as and when they need to.

In this respect, it is important to ensure that the fluid in your automatic (or manual) transmission is always at the optimum level. If you find that gear shifts are somewhat labored, then it will as often as not be down to a lack of transmission fluid. This may be due to a leak, automatic transmission fluid does not get used up. Over time it can gradually dissipate or become compacted however, but as long as you keep it topped up your transmission need never be a major issue and you will avoid expensive repairs such as the transmission rebuild.

To check your transmission fluid you need to first make sure your car is parked on level ground, and start the engine (check the owner’s manual on this point, as some cars should not be running when you check the fluid). When the engine is warmed up you need to find the Transmission Fluid dipstick, usually located at the back of the engine. It may be labelled, but if not, you are looking for something similar to the engine oil dipstick, but shorter. You pull this out completely and look at it. You then wipe it, replace it and repeat the process. You should get an idea from this of how consistent your ATF level is, and if the level does not come up to the line marked “full”, you need to add more ATF.

The instructions on how to top up ATF will differ between cars, but essentially you should have a bottle of transmission fluid that comes with a nozzle that allows you to pour directly into the hole from where you pulled the dipstick. This is something that only needs to be repeated every 25,000 miles, but it is good housekeeping to check it every once in a while anyway.

Audi S3 2014 To Be Launched Early 2013

Audi is now preparing to spoil the automotive enthusiasts with the setting up of a new car. The car is expected to have the ability of a sports car in it has been much awaited hatchback sport lovers. For the lovers of sports hatchback is now time to look at the 2014 Audi S3 that has been prepared by a team of Audi. Armed with the DNA of the Audi S3 hatchback sports guaranteed to satisfy riders in it when you are driving on the highway. With all the ability and all the technologies that have been planted in this sports car, of course, be very indulgent riders in it. Especially if the car sped past on the street with no obstacles, it will give a different experience when compared to other sports cars as you can read on

Equipped with a 2.0 TFSI engine can generate power of 300 hp at 5500 rpm with a torque of 380 Nm through the numbers at 1800-5500 rpm, giving a performance sports car that will makes the rider amazed.

How to Find the Right Entertainment System

In today’s society having a car is very important. Thousands of people that live on a fixed income or have a tight budget try to trim here and there just to own a car. For those that own cars, they treat them as part of the family. Most household budgets have special funds that are used towards owning and maintaining a car.

Across the country people that have a lot of money enjoy buying cars that are unique just to add to their existing car collection. Many of these cars have state of the art audio and entertainment systems. The majority of cars manufactured today have complete audio and entertainment systems.

One of the most popular trends with car manufacturers today is installing car audio systems and entertainment systems that have the latest audio systems. Many people want audio systems because they love music while people with families prefer entertainment systems to keep their children occupied as they drive. Before you make the final decision on an audio or entertainment system there are several things you need to think about such as amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, CD/DVD changers, and decks.

Let’s face it the quality of any audio or entertainment depends mostly on the brand of the system. However, the end decision of which one you choose depends on you. If you are looking for a good car audio system just to adorn your car, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a name brand or not. But, if you are among the many the love music and can’t live without it, then you need to have an audio system this is of the highest quality.

When you’re shopping around looking for the perfect audio system you need to think about the speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. You should also think about where in your car you want to install the system. It’s advised to go to a store that sells audio systems and seek the advice of one of their experts. On the same note, if you want an entertainment system for your car it’s advised to go to a store that sells entertainment systems and seek the advice of one of their experts as well. However, one of the best ways to get expert advice is to contact the manufacturer of your car.

If you want a combination of an audio and entertainment system, think about what size CD/DVD changer will best suit your needs. Changers come in several sizes and it depends on your personal preferences as to what size you buy.

If you aren’t the type that is knowledgeable in installing audio or entertainment systems then it’s recommended to take your car to a professionally to have your system installed. It’s also good to keep in mind that if you install your own system while it is under manufacturer warranty, you could void that warranty.

If you are considering an audio or entertainment system for your car, the easiest way is to search online. There are many websites with reviews, such as, that sell only audio or entertainment systems which makes it easy to find the right one for your car.

The Pros and Cons of No Credit Check Car Loans

Swedish lenders normally make use of credit investigations to verify a potential borrower’s identity, background, credit history and ability to pay. But what would happen if there is no credit check to speak of. Interestingly, there are actually car loans with no credit checks, and these are considered as some of the bästa billån i Sverige, and they offer a fair amount of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested, probably because you’re a new borrower or have a less-than-ideal credit rating, then it’s time you read about the positive and negative aspects of no credit check car loans.


Almost anyone can get one – What’s so great about no credit check car loans is that almost anyone can make use of it, as long as you can provide all the requirements. And if you don’t meet certain requirements, you can always get a co-signer—if you can find one, of course.

Quick and simple approval process – Since there’s no credit check, the approval process is very quick. Most of the time, you just need to fill up an application form and submit some identification. After that, the lender will just confirm if you are who you say you are.

Repayment could improve your credit rating – Completing the repayment of a no credit check car loan could improve your low credit rating because you were able to complete the term of a very long (i.e. five to ten year) loan.


High interest rates – To make up for the high risk in car loans with no credit checks, lenders normally ask for high interest rates. Some car dealers would offer low interest rates but offset this with a high down payment for the loan. The lenders usually approve interest rates at 9 to 10 percent, while car dealers place an additional 3 percent on top of this.

Sizable down payment – The down payments for car loans with no credit checks are usually large. This is part of the price you pay for the lender to not look at your history.

Take payments straight from your account – Sometimes, the lender might require that they be allowed to get your monthly payments directly from your checking account. Imagine the possible repercussion if there are no funds there when the lender decides to get the payment for that month.

Repayment length – Term length could stretch as long as ten years, which could turn your debt into an “upside-down” loan—a situation when the car loan’s balance is worth more than the actual value of the car. Terms stretching up to ten years put the loan in danger of going upside down.

Places asset at risk of repossession – No credit check car loans require collateral, usually in the form of a vehicle, a home or some other valuable asset. If you default, which is not implausible in this tough economy, you lose the asset.

Possible other expenses – You may be required to spend extra on insurance and extended warranty.

Toronto Traffic Ticket

If you have been a victim where you have suffered from the stern arm of the law, then you may need to seek a lawyer that will be able to assist you to fight the traffic offence that you have committed. There are many different infractions that will cause you to pay fines, possibly lose demerit points along the way depending on the severity of the infraction that you have been involved in. The most common infractions including speeding, when you drive a certain speed over the allotted limit in either a residential road or a main street and even a highway.

Depending on the amount of speed that you have gone over the speed limit, you will be punished harder than going a few kilometres over the speed limit. It is also dependent on how your driving record is to see if you are a repeat offender or not. The more you go over the speed limit the worse it is for you to pay a Speeding Ticket fine and possibly lose demerit points along the way and even get your licence suspended and your car impounded. Another common traffic infraction is not properly stopping on stop signs. This can be a serious offence, one that can also cost you a fine and more.

With Lighthouse Legal, you will be able to get the service that you are looking for when you have been involved in a serious offence and you need to fight the infraction that will cost you more than just a fine. With their experienced lawyers, all having years of experience in dealing with these offences, you will be able to trust them with your most serious offence that you now have to deal with. Be sure that you do not try to deal with this offence, depending on the severity of it alone and that you have someone that will help you every step of the way.

Whether you have been stopped for careless driving, something that can be seriously punishable and you need to find all that you need with assistance to this offence, be sure to find it with Lighthouse Legal. Other offences that are deemed very serious is driving under the influence. With all the warnings pleading for you not to drive under the influence, if you do get stopped for driving under the influence, but you are not harming anyone of yourself, because you feel you are in control, then contact Lighthouse Legal to assist you today.