Different Terms For Rent To Own

There is a lot of confusion about what the term “rent to own” can mean. This article explains three different meanings for the phrase, rent to own. The first is that you are an owner-landlord who allows a tenant to rent and then purchase your home. The second option is that you find a house that is being offered as a rent-to-own property. And finally, you can use a real estate agent who specializes in lease options as a way of buying or selling homes.

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In the United States, there are three types of leases that are similar to a rent to own agreement. These include:

Lease purchase homes: These contracts have an option at the end of the period to buy the house for a set price. The buyer makes monthly payments until they decide whether or not they want to purchase the home.

Lease option homes: The buyer makes monthly payments and has an option not to buy at any point during this time frame (usually one year). If they choose not to purchase it at that time, then their money is returned minus any fees from using this type of agreement as well as some interest on top of those costs if applicable (usually about two percent).

Rent-to-own homes: This type of agreement works similarly with lease options except there is no fee associated with using this method instead!

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Sell Your Home Quickly

There are a number of tried, tested and trusted strategies that you can utilize to differentiate your Macon home from the competition and sell your house quickly. In a buyer’s market, you will need to work harder to achieve the price that you want, however, it is possible, provided you are willing to be flexible.


You house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. While there are statistics that you can access in relation to recent sales prices in your area, these are really only a guide, and may not reflect the current market – which at the moment, is highly volatile and fluctuating. If you want to sell your home quickly, you will need to lower the price to meet the market demand. There is one  other option. You can look for home buying companies in Macon and sell your house as is, fast and for a good price as well. You can simply type something like “sell inherited house Macon” or “sell my house fast Macon” and you’l see several home buying companies you can refer to.

Street Appeal

The lure of a home with strong street appeal, or curb appeal, is undeniable. If you want to instantly make an impression, and position the buyer to view your home favorably, you should consider spending some time and/or money on making your front facade shine.

Simple jobs can make a world of difference, for example:

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean windows
  • Paint window frames
  • Install a beautiful, character-filled letter box
  • Ensure the front garden is immaculate and filled with flowers
  • Keep kids toys, animal accessories to a minimum

The Entrance

As your prospective purchaser enters your property, they should immediately see something visually beautiful and smell something wonderful. Fresh flowers in the hall smell heavenly and also look beautiful. Have some wooden furniture that has been cleaned with fragrant wood polish, and make sure the floors or carpets are freshly cleaned.

Major Expenses

You want to give the impression that areas of the home that can be costly to repair are in good working order. People like homes that have had a new boiler installed, that have new kitchens and bathrooms and that have good plumbing, roofing and wiring. If any of these are going to be an issue with a structural report or building report, be upfront with your buyer and negotiate the cost off the asking price. Remember, it is often not as simple as saying – the roof needs replacing so I will take $15,000 of the asking price – because it will be hard for most buyers to get finance for repairs or improvements.

Real Estate Website Solutions

In this age of globalization and information technology revolution website increase the presence and scope of the business in global platform. Having an excellently designed site is like an asset for a company, because it is what reflects the company’s position and credibility.

Efficient web design and development services consistently ensure precisely that and your website is developed.

Successful websites begin with good design, usable content, and intelligent functionality. Marketing real estate on the Internet is a unique challenge for today’s real estate professional.

Internet real estate buyers want access to all the local listings and they expect timely, professional service, at the click of a mouse. Today’s sellers want the exposure the Internet provides and an agent with the best Internet solutions to effectively market their home.

Professionally Designed Custom Templates

Most template designs are often limited to elementary, tabloid-style designs, lacking professional, graphic design elements. Many websites offer strikingly attractive designs that you can instantly change to suit your style. Choose a template, select a color combination and submit the request online. Your website is seamlessly updated.

To any successful real estate professional, an attractive, informative Web site is a must! With more and more potential customers searching for their dream house on line, it is mandatory to utilize your site as a major selling tool, enhancing your presence on the Internet and helping to generate prospective leads. An effective real estate site should be able to display all of your most sale able listings, as well as containing vital information that would be of interest to would-be new home buyers and Easy Agent Pro does just that as seen on https://www.themadeinamericamovement.com/easy-agent-pro/. You can build easy-to-maintain, no-hassle real estate sites that will help grow your business.

Just having a website does not guarantees that visitors will come. With a blog and corresponding RSS feed(s), your site can now benefit from visibility within blog and RSS search engines. Web sites without feeds (your competition maybe?) are not included in these kinds of directories and search engines.

Benefits of a Rent to Own Homes

What Are Some Benefits of a Rent to Own for the Tenant Buyer?

Easy Approval and Term. To move into a rent to own home is typically much easier than the other forms of owner financing. Rent to buy deals tend to be more available as well because they are much easier to understand and structure. Most rent to owns are at least 12 months, some 24 and even some last as long as 48 months. In most cases this should be long enough for you to get whatever credit issues you have resolved.

No Obligation to Purchase. With a lease to own you have no obligation to purchase the property, remember it is an option to purchase. This can be a two way street but for many situations this will work in your benefit. Instead of just throwing rent out the window it is better to get rental credits and a locked in purchase price.

Lower Upfront Requirements On average the monthly payment and down (option) payment requirements tend to be less than other forms of owner financing. Also you don’t quite have the responsibilities of ownership until you actually to bring in your own financing.

A rent to own homes is very common in today’s real estate market. If you are looking for a new home a rent to own has many benefits. You should be aware that unless you are completely prepared you could be quite surprised when it is time to bring in your own financing. There are many gotchas found in today’s Lease Option deals.

What are the Benefits for the Owner of a Rent to Own?

Option payment is typically 1 – 3% of the purchase price. The owner retains these funds when you move in and remember these funds are non-refundable. This for most owners is a big selling point when doing a lease to buy.

Retain Taxable Benefits of the Property. There are many tax benefits to owning a rental property. Under most circumstances structuring a lease option does not change this fact and the owner retains some great tax benefits while having someone in the property who has a vested interest to continue to pay rent and pay rent on time.

Better Residents. In most cases the owner knows that someone who puts down a large sum of money and is working on purchasing the property will not only pay rent on time but take good care of the property, after all you will be the owner soon.

Often times it seems that the benefits for the seller out weigh the benefits for the tenant buyer. This isn’t really the case, but you should be aware that as a buyer of a lease option there are certain steps you have to take before and after you move to ensure you have a successful transaction.

Improving Your Office

If you want your office renovation project in Singapore to end up the way you expected, then you should take into account the importance of planning. Otherwise, disasters, stressful outcomes, and disappointments may come in. In other words, regardless if your office renovation project is small or big, you should learn to stick with your original plan as much as possible, and for you to do that, here are some basic points to think through:

1) Evaluate your office

In this project, before you start on the planning phase, it is advised to evaluate first if your office really needs to be remodelled or renovated. In most cases it is not the whole office that needs to go through renovation. There will only be selected areas that might need to be repaired, or improved and more often than not, the renovation project would start off with the areas that have broken things.

2) Budget

Many business owners love to have their offices renovated but usually opt not to pursue their plans because of financial issues. That is mostly because they have focused quite much on planning without considering their budget. So to avoid that, it is best to review your budget first before moving on to your planning phase. You can always start on the simpler and affordable tasks like changing the paintings of the rooms, the flooring materials, and the lighting.

3) Priority

Learn to prioritize needs over wants. While there are areas in your office that you want to beautify, there might also be other areas that need to be repaired as soon as possible. During cases like this, thinking over and weighing your priorities will surely keep you away from dilemmas.

4) Safety

Since safety should come first in the line, before starting on your office renovation project, make sure that everything is handled cautiously. Electricity should be turned off and other potential hazards like leakages should be checked before starting the project. Switching your office’s smoke alarm on, if you have one, will also help to keep you more alert in case unwanted incidents occur.

5) Professional

Last but definitely not the least, what you should also think through is assistance. In other words, assess if this project requires you to seek help from a professional Office Renovation Singapore company. While doing it all by yourself will seem to save you money, there are still other tasks that only office improvement experts and professionals can perform. Deciding to hire professionals for your office renovation project will also save you time and effort.

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