Steam Gaming Platform

In 2003, one of the largest PC video game platforms called Steam appeared. A platform where we can find thousands of games available, from minority titles or commonly called indies and private developers, to large triple A titles from large companies.

Let’s see what Steam is and how it works, you should also know that Steam is free and there we can find great titles for free.

The way to get Steam is really simple and you just have to download the program from official website.

After you sign up all you have to do is find the games you like to download, some are free and for some you need to pay. There are ways to get around it however and get all the games for free. There are tools which can be used to get games and items for free on Steam according to Gonooo. So you should definitely want to check them out as well.

You have to clarify that when you buy a game on Steam you are not acquiring it physically, that is, that game will be linked to that account and you can download it as many times as you want and on the equipment you want.

Another way to increase the Steam library will be by adding titles that are not within Steam, with this option you will have a more organized game library and you can access all of them from Steam.

Batman Arkham Asylum – About the Game

I can remember hearing that they were working on a The Dark Knight movie game, but that never happened. Which honestly ends up being fine, because what I found far beats any movie tie-in game that could ever exist. Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman AA for short, is the best super hero video game ever produced. Period. There is no need to even compare it to other games, for it’s far above any other easily. The game is, as I like to refer to it, a perfect game for Batman and what he can do. An example of what I mean by that is there may be a cool Spider Man game out there. He can jump, run fast, do web powers and the such, and the list just goes on. But in none of those games, sans SpiderMan Shattered Dimensions, do you actually feel like how Spiderman should play. None of them have you feeling like you’re watching a movie about Spiderman, because of how realistic his moves and gamplay are. That’s the complete opposite in Batman AA.

The Joker is really freaky looking, and his twisted and crazy personality are shown throughout the game as he deals with the Arkham security men and takes them out with no regret. This game is truly how a Batman, or any hero game for that matter, should feel. You should feel like you are the hero, and the environment and characters should make you feel right while playing the game. Some games with heroes are really fun, but they don’t really add a major depth like this game. The best news, in my opinion, is that this isn’t going to be a one hit wonder, but it’s going to have a sequel in Batman Arkham City. You can even get Robin as DLC! That’s exciting, if you like Robin that is. The game, which is five times as large as the original, continues the awesomeness and playability of Batman Arkham Asylum.

And now it seems that we will see these two awesome games again on PS4 and Xbox one this year. There was a huge survey about these games and you read more about it from this site, and the question was should the Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City be remastered. And the majority, of course, voted YES.