Abortion basic questions

How Much An Abortion Will Cost?

Cost will be a major factor for having an abortion. All will depend on the method you choose for abortion. 88 percent abortions in Singapore are done during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It should be kept in mind that alternatives of abortion are also available including clinical surgery and medication. You should consult with planned parenthood health services or abortion clinics.

Abortions done in hospitals will cost higher than in-clinic abortions whereas abortions done after 12 weeks of pregnancy will cost even more. It also becomes difficult after 12 weeks of pregnancy to find a legitimate provider who will be ready to perform abortion.

How to Find a Legitimate Abortion Clinic?

If you have a phonebook or are searching over internet, you may see a lot of buzzing business names. That is why it will be a little difficult to choose specialized provider from a long-tail list. The professional abortion services are shown on website. In case they are not able to handle your case then they will refer you to some other clinic that will suit you. Also, they will show abortion services straightaway without any delay through ads or web pages.

How to Make Decision for Abortion?

Before finalizing the big decision and selecting the Abortion Singapore clinic, make sure that you have necessary information about types of abortion such as medical and surgical. No matter which type you choose, your abortion will depend on a number of factors. Make sure that you know the number of appointments required for abortion and any follow-up checkups you may need, duration of pregnancy and also the availability of services. It is not necessary that all clinics will have all abortion services available. You will need spare time to travel to and from the clinic, rest for recovery and for clearing dues of abortion services you used.

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