Steam Gaming Platform

In 2003, one of the largest PC video game platforms called Steam appeared. A platform where we can find thousands of games available, from minority titles or commonly called indies and private developers, to large triple A titles from large companies.

Let’s see what Steam is and how it works, you should also know that Steam is free and there we can find great titles for free.

The way to get Steam is really simple and you just have to download the program from official website.

After you sign up all you have to do is find the games you like to download, some are free and for some you need to pay. There are ways to get around it however and get all the games for free. There are tools which can be used to get games and items for free on Steam according to Gonooo. So you should definitely want to check them out as well.

You have to clarify that when you buy a game on Steam you are not acquiring it physically, that is, that game will be linked to that account and you can download it as many times as you want and on the equipment you want.

Another way to increase the Steam library will be by adding titles that are not within Steam, with this option you will have a more organized game library and you can access all of them from Steam.

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