Do you know Naruto anime series

Naruto is pretty famous these days and you can really find adults as well as children collecting all those merchandise having Naruto pictures or prints on them. They call themselves as the real Naruto fans collecting everything they see having Naruto anime series in it. You can find even clothing having the same attracting enough people onto it.

The series has been licensed to Viz Media for animation in the North American continent. The anime series have been immensely popular in both the US, as well as Canada, right from the time it premiered in these countries in 2005. It was also subsequently released in Australia and the United Kingdom, where too it proved to be very successful. DVD movies based on the character have also been released in these countries. An animation series has also been broadcast on the Disney XD channel in North America.

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The popularity of Naruto can be gauged from the fact that the manga has soled well over 100 million copies in the country of its origin, Japan. It is now considered among the most popular manga series ever released. It has also appeared as a very popular series in the USA today. The mix of comedy and action that is found in the series has been relished by audiences of all ages.

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